I love Linux, i propose for you the best mirrors links for find the linux updates. In the life i use Linux Mint, Kali Linux and Black Arch. In an first times, this is an community based on the donation. The community Linux is not Windows, here the exploitation system are Free downloadings.


Since my website, discover the best mirror Linux

Mirror Arch Linux


Mirror Koddos:


You not know an mirrors ? I explique for you this

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In computing, a mirror is a transcription of a set of data. On the web, a mirror website is a transcription of another website.

Mirror sites are mainly used to provide multiple copies of the same information, for example for large downloads, thus spreading the load generated by high traffic on several servers and sites that are completely separate. Mirroring is one-way despite the fact that file synchronization is a two-way technique.

Some web services that offer large data downloads are bandwidth intensive. To guarantee fast access to many simultaneous users, some structures will create several mirror servers of the main server. Since the data is static, it is convenient to create copies of the servers’ texts.

Mirror servers are managed by volunteers from outside the project, as is the case with mirrors of some linux distributions.