Everydays i serve me of servers with plesk ! i wish doing discover you

Sunday it’s sunday, I would like you to discover the best dashboard for your websites, files, and data center for your entreprise.  I write my feedback on plesk with of experience years on server administration. You going find the contact links plesk.

Plesk have an nice community for you help in every problem, they are an solution. Do you want join me on Facebook? Click here for see my Facebook page.

How  to contact plesk?


Do you wish know more informations on plesk panel?

Plesk is a paid server management interface. Its source code is encrypted so as not to be adaptable, except when running within a plesk environment. Initially created in novosibirsk, France, plesk was launched at the beginning of the new millennium.

In 2003, the project was acquired by swsoft ( en ), which became parallels, inc. in 2008. In December 2015, plesk became a single entity, which has since been acquired by oakley capital. Its ease of use and its ability to set up the server so that a non-expert user can manage the server makes it a well-known tool in the field of dedicated server administration.

Plesk supports the opening of new websites, advanced access rights to the administration interface, email, and dns. You can also purchase a paid license for more than 30 domains. Accessible through a simple web browser, plesk allows you to administer the essential functions without requiring any knowledge of Linux.

Plesk has also been designed to give you the possibility to offer a separate administration interface for each domain hosted on your machine (for resale for example).

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